Updated 2020-2024 Vision

BCT’s vision for the Nile riverbank and its surrounding villages is to catalyse a shift from community-driven degradation to community-led restoration and protection of the Nile Riverbank and its surrounding habitat and villages.

Our main 2024 objectives:
  • Transform the Nile Riverbank from Bubugo to Itanda into a lush indigenous forest full of biodiversity and at-risk fauna protected by the local communities.
  • Transform Nile community homesteads and trading centers within 2km radius of BCT into leading examples of permaculture and sustainable agricultural management.
  • To make clean cooking the new standard for all households within a 2km radius of BCT HQ
  • Shift the 15 villages within a 2km radius of BCT HQ above the poverty line
Vivid Vision
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Our Approach

Our approach is to address issues of environmental degradation and community poverty through engaging and empowering local communities to address the landscape-wide challenges that are currently being faced in this area. We act as a catalyst of change, mobilizing external finances to support community and business development, alongside environmental restoration and conservation. We avoid regression of degrading behaviour through emphasis on the link between the environment, ecosystem services and the benefits to people.

Our Story

Bubugo Conservation Trust (BCT) is a registered community-based organization in Eastern Uganda, whose aspirational core purpose is to catalyse climate change resilience. Our aim is for the Nile riverbank and its communities to flourish in harmony by 2030 through reforestation, environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture, cleaner cooking, and livelihood improvement. BCT was founded in 2015 by Jenny Farmer and Charlie Langan, an environmental scientist and ecological economist, who live in Bubugo village.

Reforestation, environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture, cleaner cooking, and livelihood improvement
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