Our Team

Bubugo Conservation Trust is run by a team of volunteers, part-time and full time staff, all of whom are committed to achieving our key objectives. You can read about our core staff on this page.

Community liason

Sam M c

Samuel Mbulugu

field coordinator

Samuel is involved in community engagement and livelihood development. He is our Trees and Bees field officer. He is proud to have contributed to strengthen community groups and increase standards of living by collaborating on beekeeping and tree planting projects. Samuel is motivated by the benefits of protecting nature in cooperation with the community.

Programme Managers

Louis Kyaligonza
  • Cookstoves ProgramME Manager

Louis Kyaligonza earned a National Diploma in Agroforestry, an advanced certificate of education, and a certificate in organic farming. He has worked in briquette production as a technical specialist for 5 years with an international NGO in Uganda. At BCT, Louis will be arranging for stove construction in the Bubugo area in collaboration with the community. Additionally, he will be identifying the need for training of BCT stove builders. We are happy to have him helping us advance our cookstoves project.

Anna Tukundane
UgandaMade ProgramME Manager

Anna loves to be part of conservation projects for better sustainable development. Working towards achieving her goals is her passion. Working with UgandaMade has further increased her ability to be part of that goal, and achieve conservation, whilst promoting handmade skills that can improve the standard of living for families in Bubugo.

Senior advisors

Jenny and Charlie ce

Jenny and Charlie


Jenny is an environmental scientist by training and has resided in Uganda for over 20 years, working extensively within the environmental and land use sector. Charlie is an ecological economist by training, he has worked in Uganda for 8 years prior to and during his PhD. They founded BCT to focus on the impacts of environmental degradation along the Nile, visible from their home in Bubugo, as well as to address and the challenges that are being faced by the Bubugo community. Jenny manages the day to day running of BCT, and Charlie now serves as an Advisor.

Mariya S c

Mariya Soshinskaya

Strategic Advisor

What drew Mariya to work for BCT was the comprehensive focus on building climate change resilience through environmental regeneration, community environmental stewardship and livelihood improvement. She has been essential in supporting the community group in maintaining and colonizing the beehives, developing the quality and market for UgandaMade products as well as collaborating with Jenny on the restructure of BCT with the new Vivid Vision and core objectives.