Through local community engagement and empowerment, we are working to improve livelihoods and the environment of the riverbank of the Nile in Bubugo village, Jinja, Uganda. Our vision is to re-forest the riverbank to provide a source of income for the community, ensuring that people benefit directly from conservation.

Bubugo Conservation Trust (BCT) was developed in 2015 by Jenny Farmer and Charlie Langan, residents of the Nile near Bubugo village. The Trust was established to help address problems with riverbank deforestation, poor water quality, and increasing social problems due to high poverty levels, poor education and lack of employment in the area.


We strive to find a balance between people and their use of the environment. We work with our community to try to achieve sustainable livelihoods with positive environmental outcomes. 

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The river Nile is a lifeline for the area; many livelihoods depend on its flow, and it has huge cultural importance for communities living on its banks. Kayakers and tourists flock to enjoy the big white water. Plan your own adventure to explore this beauty of nature.

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We can’t do this on our own! We need volunteers, students and professionals to help us with our projects, conduct research, share ideas and get involved.

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