Jenny and Charlie are originally from the UK and have made Bubugo their home. They are both co-founders of the Trust. Jenny has a PhD in Biological Science and has lived in Uganda since 1999. She has a passion for environmental conservation and community engagement. Charlie has an MSc in Ecological Economics and a PhD in Ecological Economics. He has lived in Uganda since 2011. Charlie has a keen interest in landscape management and land use. They both have a strong interest in sustainable land management for positive environmental and social outcomes. As kayakers they are always on the river.


Mariya came to Uganda in 2018 with her family for an adventure and to make a positive impact on the ground. She is a sustainable development professional and yoga teacher passionate about combating climate change and empowering people to reach their full potential. She brings 7 years of experience in strategic and project level sustainability to BCT. As the Program Manager, Mariya will support BCT to demonstrate and eventually scale a proven social business that balances improved quality of life with a thriving environment.


Charles, Derek and Stanley work in the Riverbank Reading Room as librarians and teachers. They are all from our local village and run all the programmes in the RRR.


Samuel grew up near the banks of the Nile and is the community outreach officer for BCT.